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27.nov.2011 09:12

Today was the day I really was not looking forward to. Today was the day me and Niall went back to school. Another school and new beginning. I was terrified to see Louis again, and to see all the others that I had never ever seen.

When we came to school we found out that we weren?t even going to be in the same class until after lush.

Luckily I found Sara. She was so nice and welcoming to me. ?So, you are new here?? She asked me right before class started. ?Yeah, me and my brother Niall felt that it was time? I said not thinking over what I said. ?So you are not living with your parents?? She asked me.

?Ehm, no. We live with our uncle? I did not know what I was going to answer. I was so afraid she would have a million other questions about it, so I had to tell the truth. I was not ready, not yet. Then I changed the subject. ? Do you know anyone named Louis? He is suppose to go here? I asked her.

?There are one Louis, two years older. Louis Tomlinson?? She answered and asked back.

?Yes that?s him. How is he??

?Ohh, someone got a little crush!? She teased me. I was about to answer her, but then the teacher told us that we had to be quite and start doing what everyone around is had bin doing the last 20 minutes.

After the lesson it was lunch time and both me and Niall had someone to sit with. It was not like that in our last school, there we where treated like freaks. Niall had already found a girl, Alicia. Or Ali as she wanted to be called. He always found himself female company, always.

?So Maddie likes Louis!? That was the first thing Sara said when we came to the same table as Beki, Afanaisa and Alicia, along with their boyfriends. Afanaisa was to busy kissing her boyfriend Zayn, Beki where listening, but it did not look like it, cause she was also talking to her boyfriend Harry. He was so hot with his curls and a beautiful smile. Sara sat down beside a shy, cute guy with messy hair, Liam was his name.

?Louis who?? Beki asked Sara.

?Louis Tomlinson?

?What?? Harry was suddenly a part of the conversation to. ?How can you like him? He is the worst human ever!? He continued.

I was a bit confused. Cause all this people, and my uncle don?t like him, but I saw another person when I talked to him.

After a while Alicia came to. She had to fix something. ?Guys, ready for a party this Friday?? She started before she ended it? Hannah invites everyone to a beach party?.

Beki leaned towards me ?Hannah is Louis girlfriend?. The feeling I had when she told me was a bit confusing to. Did I care or not?

Hper dere likte det, hvis dere gadd lese det :)

Og hvis du leeste, kan du pliss kommentere hva du syntes om den?


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