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10.des.2011 16:18

Apart from the fact we really, really envyLiam Payne?s girlfriend,Danielle Peazer, we really, really don?t envy LiamPayne?sgirlfriendDaniellePeazer.

The poor girl gets a lot of hate on Twitter from batshiz mentalOne Directionfans who would probably collect Liam?s toenail clippings and use the DNA to make babies if they could; but on Thursday morning the dancer woke up to this lovely little trend: #welovedaniellepeazer.

?What an amazing thing to wake up to.....thank you so much, I really appreciate everyone being so lovely to me. #daniellelovesdirectioners xx? she tweeted.

Shortly after Liam re-tweeted Danielle and posted: ?You guys are very sweet :)?

Danielle later tweeted a mate exclaiming: ?Its so crazy! But so lovely after being told to die by some people on here!?

Yeah, we can imagine it?s a nice break after getting messages such as this: ?I hate you ! Bitch. You are so ugly. I HATE YOU BITCH !?

Are you a fan of Danielle, reckon she deserves to be treated better from 1D fans?


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